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Giving You an Overall Younger looking and feeling you!

In the Slim Line Collagen O2 Pod, your body is surrounded by steam while the skin is infused with Hydration. There is the added option of infusing vitamins and nutrients farther conditioning the skin to reduce wrinkles. This increases the results of UV and Spray Tanning.

Benefits of the Slim Line Collagen O2 Pod

  • Benefit to any weight-loss program.
  • Helps to alleviate many chronic health conditions
  • Gives healthier skin by infusing the skin with nutrients.
  • Greatly reduces inflammation and Improves circulation.
  • Adds nourishes to the skin for a healthier and younger looking you!
  • Produces better results for UV tanning, Mystic and Versa Sunless Spray Tanning.

Relaxes Both the Mind and Body